Getting started

Create your login details by navigating to

Select the GET STARTED button and fill in your details. 

Check your email for the confirmation code and enter it in the required field, follow the prompts to sign in with the email and password you created

Browser compatibility

Unleash live works on most modern browsers. Due to high demand on graphics processing, we recommend a computer no more than 2 years old, running the latest Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser.

Unleash live mobile App 

Unleash live is accessible via your browser on your tablet or mobile device. You can add the app to your home screen. We recommend iOS11 or Android 5.0 or later. Get it on the Google Play store. You can quickly upload images and videos to your cloud library, review media data, view your live streams and initiate analysis jobs. Viewing high-resolution 3D models is best on your laptop or desktop computer.

On first sign in

You are presented with the home page where you can access: 

Live Stream: Access your favourite, recently used, online and offline devices on the Live stream page. Switch between up to 4 live concurrent devices. 

Library: Where all your media content is stored, from footage streamed live into the platform, to images & video uploaded. Library also includes all output content too, such as Models created and A.I. clips. 

Fusion Atlas: Geospatial digital map which allows you to visualize all your live assets and other data sources.

Analysis [In private beta, please contact us] 

Mission Control [In private beta, please contact us].

A.I. Apps Appstore  

On the left navigation bar, you will also find a selection of A.I. apps which you can activate and ingest into the live video stream or use for post-processing uploaded images or videos.

Device Management:

Create and manage your connected devices. Be it drones, rtsp or rtmp cameras, iPhones, Android devices.

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